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Supporting therapeutic & spiritual experiences with ibogaine

Ceiba’s Mission Is

To improve the quality, sustainability and accessibility of iboga- and ibogaine-assisted therapies.

Ibogaine is an extract of Tabernanthe iboga, a perennial shrub that is endemic to central West Africa. It has numerous health benefits including drug detoxification, neuroregenetive repair, and improvements in mental health and mental clarity. We provide information resources and funding, including healing grants that help place ibogaine treatment within reach for people who can benefit the most.

“Any person who is addicted to drugs who wishes to be free of that addiction shall be able to have that choice.”

– Howard Lotsof

Healing Grants

Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification

Ibogaine will not solve systemic issues, but for some people it can make a difficult transition possible.

We understand that issues faced by people who use drugs are complex, and that, for many, abstinence is not desirable. Decriminalization and safe supply are top harm reduction priorities. We also believe that the ibogaine experience is sacred, and must not be approached coercively.

Ceiba provides support for those most in need, who wish to make the journey but would otherwise find it impossible.

We work in partnership with harm-reduction services and drug user associations.

Through our partners we provide a limited number of:

  • Accessibility grants for individuals, which completely cover the cost of transportation and ibogaine treatment.
  • Training programs and other resources for community-oriented medical teams.

Many people who use drugs have benefited from ibogaine-assisted therapies.

Ibogaine is an efficient and humane way to transition away from opioids, amphetamines, alcohol and other substances. It also has other medical and psychospiritual benefits that can help improve quality of life.

  • Ibogaine is a psychedelic therapy.
  • Ibogaine helps with detox, and is not a maintenance drug.
  • Ibogaine requires preparation and planning.
  • Grants cover treatment with trusted medical teams outside of Canada and the US.
Educational Resources

Online Courses & Training Programs


Bwiti: School of Life

This series provides a unique and wide-ranging introduction to some of the most prominent branches of the Bwiti tradition, as well as to a number of important nema (initiators).

CE Credits

Supporting Ibogaine Therapy for Health Professionals

Designed to equip mental health and medical professionals to provide preparation and post-treatment therapeutic support for individuals undergoing ibogaine.


about Gabonese culture and the spiritual practice of Bwiti.


for therapists and health professionals interested in supporting ibogaine-assisted recovery

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